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The Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of High Mileage Training

Published on September 12, 2013 By Greg

High volume training can be the biggest boon to your running performance, but it can also be the most challenging to manage. These tips will help you identify when to fit it in and how to maintain the training in a manner that provides purely positive results.

19 Inspirationally Informative Running Links for October 2012

Published on October 31, 2012 By Greg

October puts us halfway into the fall marathon season, so there is a mix of posts this month on recovery and race strategy, something to fit everyone’s needs. Plus some good tips for avoiding and treating common injuries, and a debate on whether predawn really is the best time to run.

Ten Lessons from Ten Marathons

Published on October 15, 2012 By Greg

Over the course of ten marathons, you learn a thing or two about preparing for and executing the event. Here are ten such lessons learned through the years, offered in the hope that they will help you achieve your goals sooner.

Running for the Repeat – Towpath Marathon 2012 Race Report

Published on October 9, 2012 By Greg

This year’s Towpath Marathon provided the opportunity to defend the 2011 title. While I prepared as well as I could for the event given an early season injury, one can never predict who will show up on any given Sunday during marathon season.

14 Powerful Running Links from September 2012

Published on September 30, 2012 By Greg

This month’s links focus on the taper, training approaches for us “regular” runners and the elites, the myth of residual lactate (let alone “lactic acid”), and why recovering addicts run (or, maybe, why running is addictive).