Why Greg?

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Let me clear the air first – you don’t have to be an early-morning runner to benefit from my coaching.  My passion is helping you maximize your performance within the real-life constraints you face, whatever they may be.

Stock training plans don’t take into account your preferences or challenges, and can be difficult to modify because, frankly, it may be tough to understand the structure of the program and the purpose of individual workouts when all you have is a bunch of numbers.

Among other benefits from having an online running coach, my experience in fitting competitive running into a busy schedule positions me to help you reach your dreams, while still meeting your other commitments, per the Predawn Runner Code. I will work with your schedule to come up with a plan that fits your needs yet helps you reach for your running goals.

Your training plan comes with:

  • A training schedule, customized to your goals and history
  • Details on the benefits to be gained from each type of workout
  • Injury-prevention and strengthening recommendations customized to your needs, designed to keep you on the road while enhancing your performance
  • Ongoing support to help you adjust to the situations that inevitably arise, like illness or a missed workout
  • Insights as to race strategy for your big event – pacing, fueling, and setting your final goal based on your training

I’d be thrilled to be a key part of your board of directors, and to bring my experience and passion to help you get greater satisfaction out of your training and racing.  With a proven history of delivering ever-improving results in my own training, I’m confident in having the tools that will help you make similar gains.

Please take the time to explore the options available and don’t hesitate to contact me to start learning how you can be the best runner possible.

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