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If this is your first time visiting, welcome to Predawn Runner, a blog and coaching service designed to meet the needs of the busy runner with aggressive goals.  The values promoted on this site – specifically the importance of finding balance within training and across the other aspects of life – are conveyed in the Predawn Runner Code.

The content on Predawn Runner generally falls within two broad categories.  The first is science- and experience-based advice on training approaches, with popular posts including:

The second is on how to put it all together such that you can train intelligently and pursue your running dreams while meeting all your other commitments.

And of course in support of the latter, this site promotes the idea of running early in the day.  If you are looking for motivation or advice on this topic, it’s worth reviewing:

The mission of Predawn Runner is to serve as a valuable resource to make you a more efficient and effective runner.  As such, it offers advice on running while traveling and reviews of the best web content and books on running, so you can spend your limited reading time wisely.  There is also a highly-read series of articles on how running builds character, as well as reviews of products you may find helpful.

If what you find here interests you, please consider subscribing to the RSS feed or joining the email list above to keep up with new content.  Predawn Runner also offers coaching services specifically aimed at those who need to figure out ways to get the most out of limited time, with plans and recommendations tailored to your schedules, goals, and history.  And no, you don’t have to run early to benefit from the coaching.

Finally, the most efficient way to catch up on a lot of the content of Predawn Runner, and see the approach play out in the pursuit of a sub-3:00 marathon, you may wish to check out Running Ahead of the Sun, which published in April, 2012.

I hope you enjoy the content here and find it valuable, and feel free to drop a note any time you have questions.

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