• Garth Somerville

    Hi Greg, I came across this via RunBlogger. This is great information and well written. I have been through a very similar transition process myself as a middle aged runner trying to carefully manage chronic injuries that started way back in high school but now running faster and enjoying it more than ever. Thanks for the great information.

  • http://predawnrunner.com/ Greg Strosaker

    Garth, thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment – it’s always good to see confirmation that I’m not alone in working through some of these transition challenges!

  • http://designedtorun.com/ Rob Savarese

    Great post Greg! The form journey has been a multi-year affair for me as well and still on-going. I’m sure that’s due to years (decades) of bad form, age, and spending most of my waking hours sitting. I’ve also been dealing with some “calf and hamstring niggles” recently, as with you probably due to too-much-too-soonitis. As much as I loathe strength work I know I need to do more, so thanks for the push. Now excuse me while I get in some squats and bridges…

  • http://predawnrunner.com/ Greg Strosaker

    Thanks Rob, I don’t think the journey can ever end, after all, we have the infinite capacity to improve everything. But the reasons you cite are pretty common and no doubt contribute to my issues as well. Good luck on sticking with the strength work, it’s always tough to prioritize until you really have a catalyst (like niggles) to do so.

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