Running Ahead of the Sun Encourages Pursuit of Your Athletic Dreams

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What happens when a thirty-something father of three boys in a dual career family sets his mind towards achieving his marathon dreams?

Running Ahead of the Sun on KindleRunning Ahead of the Sun summarizes the journey from injury to a shocking success at the 2012 Towpath Marathon.  And I’m pleased to announce that it is now available in paperback from Amazon, as well as for the Kindle.

Part training advice and part life coaching, Running Ahead of the Sun brings a degree of reality to the requirements and possibilities involved in pursuing your athletic dreams while balancing the demands of family and career life.  Plenty of books have been written by elite athletes about their experiences in the higher echelons of running, and there are books encouraging prospective runners to get off of their couch and start moving forward, but few if any books have focused on the locally competitive runner trying to take the next step.

Tim Meier, a recent finisher of the Paris Marathon in 2:40, says, “Thanks for publishing your book the week of the race and giving me a HUGE mental boost!”  Stefan Smith, after going under 3:00 for the first time in the Paris marathon, adds, “You have no idea how much your sound, common sense has helped. Your Towpath race report was in my head a lot today.”

Now I’d like to ask you a favor (beyond just buying the book!).  If you have or do have the opportunity to read it, I’d appreciate it if you could offer your thoughts as a review and rating on Amazon. I’m open to your honest feedback, as this may not be the last book I publish so would like to take the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience.

If you don’t have a Kindle and would rather borrow instead of read the book, feel free to ask your local library, as they should have access to acquire it as well.

Also, I have had the request for some signed versions – if you are interested in one, please send me a message at strosaker(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know, and I’ll arrange one for you, the cost would be $14.99 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

The Running Manifesto T-Shirt is Available at CafePress

To celebrate the launch, I’d like to hold a contest.  The prize will be your choice of a free copy of the book (print or electronic version) or, if you have already purchased the book (or just aren’t that interested in it), a copy of the Running Manifesto t-shirt or poster (your choice) from the Predawn Runner CafePress store.

To enter, please do one of the following (each distinct action counts as an entry) and let me know in the comments.  The contest will run through Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 5:00PM EDT, and I’ll announce the winner on Thursday.

  • Tweet this post or a link to the book page from Amazon
  • Post this post or the book page from Amazon on Facebook
  • Pin this post or an image and link to the book on Pinterest
  • Post this announcement or the Amazon page to Google+

Thank you for all your support in getting the book to this point, and I look forward to your feedback!

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  • Drew

    I ordered a copy through Amazon before I read on and saw you’d send a signed one. Looks like I’ll just have to get that done in person!

  • Cori

    Pinned on Pinterest.

  • Cori

    Also shared the link on Facebook.

  • Greg Strosaker

    Drew, I’ll send you a message, maybe we can work something out that doesn’t involve airfare for one of us.

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks Cori, I’ll enter you twice in the drawing.

  • Christian High

    tweeted and facebooked.

  • Greg Strosaker

     Thanks Christian, I saw your tweet and have listed you twice for the drawing!

  • Run

    Shared it on FB Greg, but win or don’t win, I’m getting a signed copy!  

  • Debra Serrins

    I tweeted about it (debra_serrins)

  • Brad Patterson

    OK, I’m in.  I just tweeted it, posted on my FB, and posted on my Google Plus.  I’m not on Pinterest, so I won’t be able to do that one!  Good luck on the book launch, Greg and thanks for all of the hard work you do on the blog and in putting together a book like this.  

  • Debra Serrins

    I posted it on facebook too.

  • Caitlin

    I don’t have  a facebook/twitter (I know, get with it!!) but I did pin the book on interest under my list of must reads!!!


  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks a lot, I’ve noted your entry in the drawing!

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks Debra, much appreciated! I’ve marked you down for two entries.

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks Brad, I’ll mark you down three times. I cancelled my Pinterest account as I found it too distracting, but given it’s growth I’m kicking myself now. And now I’ll have to find you on Google Plus.

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks Cait, much appreciated. The Greek yogurt / mango / syrup recipe on your blog today is making me hungry.

  • Mark Kennedy

    Congrats Greg. I look forward to checking it out. Posted this on Google+.

  • Mark Kennedy

    Congrats Greg. I look forward to checking it out. Posted this on Google+.

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks Mark, I saw it and had already marked you down!

  • Rob Rypma

    Just shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks Rob, I’ve listed your entries!

  • Rev. Run

    Posted on FB and Google+ Looks Good, Greg. I’m excited to get it.

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks Rev, entries noted! Maybe we’ll see you this summer when Tim is in town?

  • Puddincat

    posted on FB ( i just liked your page), G+ and Twitter! cant wait to read!!/puddincat

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks so much, I’ve listed your entries!

  • KJ

    Looks great!  Can’t wait to get on Amazon and order – not a tweeter or google+ kinda girl but I hooked you up on fb :-)

  • Dave Parsons

    Congrats on the book!  I tweeted and Google+ the info…looking forward to having you back healthy and running all the time soon.  And believe me when I say that you’ll be a big part of my second marathon attempt on Sunday.

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks so much KJ, I’ve noted your entry in the contest!

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks a lot Dave, and good luck Sunday – wish I were joining you!

  • Sasha Rodriguez

    Looks like a great  book to me! Do they have some tips on how to go about marathon training programs as well, or is it purely inspirational? Either way, I’d love to read them. I’d better check the Kindle version :)

  • Greg Strosaker

    The book shares a marathon training plan and the background on its structure, and tracks how it actually played out (such seasons always go different than planned).

  • Megan Pierce

    Just posted a link on Facebook– definitely a read I’m looking forward to!

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks Megan, appreciate it, and I’ve listed you for the drawing!

  • Matt

    Just tweeted a link to your post Greg. Purchased the Kindle version earlier this week and am about half way through. I’ve enjoyed it so far. I like the anecdote’s/advice at the beginning of the chapters. I look forward to finishing it!

  • Greg Strosaker

    Thanks Matt, appreciate it and I’ve listed your entry for the drawing.

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