Press Release – Announcing the Rebranding of Recovery Runs

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Let's all adopt a more forward-looking name for the workout, shall we?

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CLEVELAND, OH , February 2, 2012 – Sonny Outlook, Vice-President of Marketing for Marathon Training, Inc., announces today a major campaign aimed at upgrading the image of the “recovery run”.  In making this announcement, Mr. Outlook explained, “we feel it is time for the recovery run to refresh its brand, to gain greater appreciation for this oft-neglected, but critical, element of a successful marathon training program.”

Mr. Outlook continues, “much like ‘Kleenex’ became generic for ’tissue’, ‘recovery run’ has been so broadly adopted as a workout description that it has become nearly meaningless.  Additionally, it has taken on negative connotations due to its use in such unauthorized phrases as ‘recovery shuffle’, ‘recovery jog’, or, our biggest pet peeve, the ‘recovery slog’.  I don’t even know what ‘slog’ means, but it doesn’t sound good.”

Ms. Hope Forall, President of Marathon Training, Inc., adds, “the perception of a recovery run as providing valuable flushing of lactic acid or healing of damaged muscle tissue was long ago refuted.  It is time that attitudes towards this important workout start to change, to become more positive.  It is with pleasure that we announce that henceforth, these runs should be referred to as ‘anticipation runs’.”

Mr. Outlook resumes, “we feel strongly that ‘recovery’ is a backwards-looking term, implying that one needs to apologize for the previous workout, or that one is fending off an illness or injury. I mean, yesterday’s news wraps today’s fish, you know? Taken to the extreme, if ‘recovery’ were the sole goal, the answer is simple – don’t run anymore. ‘Anticipation’, in contrast, positions this type of workout as forward-looking, done in preparation for your next hard effort.  After all, that really is the purpose, and at Marathon Training, Inc., we believe that the right mindset is necessary to get the most out of every workout.”

Mr. Outlook expands on his point, “while the ‘recovery run’ was about the hogwash of ‘flushing out your system’ or ‘working out the kinks’, ‘anticipation’ is about getting in valuable work in a prefatigued condition, recruiting less used muscle-fibers to complete the run, while still preparing for your next hard go.  Therefore, your tendency will be to treat it as valuable training, as good ‘time on your feet’, not as the mythical ‘junk miles’ which have soiled the reputation of the ‘recovery run’.  Plus, the shorter length of such runs also lets you anticipate getting valuable ancillary work done.”

Ms. Forall chimes in, “oh, we expect resistance to this change, especially from the likes of Nelly Naysayer over at  Change is never easy, and we are fighting years of ingrained habits.  But we feel that, just like training for the marathon, perseverance and confidence are the key, and, over time, we expect adoption of the ‘anticipation run’ nomenclature to grow exponentially, and ‘recovery runs’ to go the way of short running shorts (especially those with racing stripes) and over-padded running shoes.”

To find out more about ‘anticipation runs’, or to have your training plan modified to incorporate this exciting new feature, talk to your running coach, and encourage them to become certified in the Marathon Training, Inc. program.

Important disclaimers:  Anticipation runs may not be for everyone.  Before embarking on a new fitness program, consult with your physician, to be sure that your heart, legs, and, most importantly, mind are ready to add such an exciting new element to your training program. Possible side effects include improved PR’s, fresher-feeling legs, greater aerobic capacity, weight loss, and a permanent smile implanted in your face.

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