• Caydel

    100 pushups is the only one of the three I’ve considered doing, although I do perform air squats to burn off some extra energy from time to time.

    If core strength is your goal, 200 situps is probably not the most effective program, as it solely focuses on your upper abdominal muscles. I’ve found that Jason Fitzgerald’s ‘Functional Core for Runners’ routine seems to be a better fit, as it seems to pretty roundly target most of the important stabilizer muscles in your core each time you go through the routine.

    From the looks of it, they are also developing a 25 pull ups routine which might compliment 100 pushups for upper body strength. The beauty of pullups and pushups is that you can vary the form a fair bit to target different portions of your upper body.

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    Great comments, thanks. As I mentioned in the post I did add more core work beyond the sit ups to focus on other areas of the abdomen and back (and, when healthy, will do a lot of work on the glutes), but will certainly check out Fitz’s routine as well. I know he is a fan of squats, but generally more of the weight-bearing variety.

  • http://www.alanashley.com Alan Ashley

    I have all 3 on my iphone and have only attempted the 100 Push-ups. I’m currently doing more over body conditioning so I’m getting plenty of ab ripping pain and core work through that. But I know at some point I will be ready for the 100 Pushups (Summer time crunch may force this move from the current XT plan) followed by Crunches and I doubt the Squats will get much use at least for me.

    Thanks for the post as I was wondering what other thought of these programs.

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    Thanks for the comment Alan, certainly if you are doing plenty of other core and conditioning work than the programs are unnecessary, but as you said they are ideal for maintaining some focus on upper body strength when time or access to equipment is more limited.

  • Lydia

    It is interesting that I stopped by your site today Greg. I started doing this routine this morning. My initial test yielded a whopping 4 push-ups! I think I will start the sit-ups too. Thanks for your post!

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    Glad I could help Lydia, and good luck with the program – whether 4 or 19 as a starting point, it’s sure to help.

  • http://www.believeintherun.com Thomas Neuberger

    I have only been able to complete the squats!

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    I’m now convinced I’ll never make it past week 4 of the push ups. Still a good workout to keep trying, though!

  • CaptainJ

    I started the 100 pushups program on 3 Feb (doing “women’s” pushups as my upper body strength is quite poor). I could only do 5 then, and thus started under “column 1″. I repeated Week 4, went on to Week 5, then incorporated an Android “100 pushups” program into weeks “5A” and “5B”. I have finally moved on to Week 6! I am not sure I can complete it, but I will certainly try!

    I definitely feel my strength improving, and can even do 5 “men’s” pushups now! Keep going, Greg!

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    I’m still stuck at week 4, but still appreciate having the structured workouts to include in my routine. Holding out hope that I’ll some day move beyond! Good luck on week 6, and thanks for your comment.

  • http://twitter.com/nbitecofer Nathan Bitecofer

    Thanks for sharing. I have been looking for some good cross training guides. I will definitely give the pushup and situp apps a shot!

  • Anna

    I just started the 100 pushups with an initial test of slightly over 20, and I started week 1 column 3. I’m finding it quite easy so far. I’m quite sure that you’ll be able to make it past week 4. In high school I got quite proficient at pushups because I was bad a badminton so my coach made me do 10 whenever I missed the birdie (which was nearly ALL THE TIME). 

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    Good luck Anna. I never did make it past week 4, and then stopped when my mileage started increasing. Now that I’m in recovery/base building mode, I’m starting again at week 3. I’ve always been bad at pushups though, guess I should have made more mistakes in gym class!

  • Alex R

    I just started the 100 push-ups… I scord 24 on my initial test, did the first week easy, although near th end I did really struggle… But meh, I have been doing 100 push ups before bed and 15 when I wake up for a good couple of months now… time to step it up ;)

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    That’s a good first test result – you will probably find the first two weeks pretty easy, week 3 a little more challenging, then things really pick up in week 4. I still haven’t gotten past week 4, but haven’t been working as hard at it of late. Good luck!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jwyrm Art Jury

     Hello,  Looks like a good effort but I am giving up on this site.  Admittedly my aims are different.  I am going to do 100000 sit ups  and 50000 pushups in 2012 and was looking at a way to track that.  There are to many clicks to get to the data entry each time.   There is no place for comments  to the site author.   I think this is mostly a sales site.  Might work well for someone wanting to get to 100 pushups in one sitting.  Im doing 140 per day for a year.   Good luck hope you reach your goals.

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    Hi Art, it sounds like you definitely have your own plan so no, 100 push-ups is not for you – you look like you are looking more for a tracking system as opposed to a plan. Good luck on your aggressive pursuits this year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dominic-Lahar/1023456463 Dominic Lahar

    Hi Greg, similar experience as yours. I went up weeks 1-3, failed at week 4 a few times, back to week 3, repeat week 4. Today I tried week 5, day 1–which jumps from 124 to 170 pushups. It recommends: 36,40,30,24,40+. I did 36, 40 (nearly died), 15, 22, 31 (2nd near death experience) for a total of 144. That’s a new personal best. But finishing it again gave me the choice of going back a week (sensible), repeating that day (very difficult), or continuing with the program (insane). I’m going to try repeating the day. I may have to do it a few times. I may not even crack it. We’ll see. Perhaps if I was doing some kind of protein-heavy muscle building diet, I would not have hit the week 5 wall. Who knows. But I do feel the program could benefit with a 5A/5B or more adaptive strategy for the many of us who run up against that wall. Thanks for the reviews.

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    Hi Dominic, I never did really get past week 4. Since I only do push-ups/sit-ups/squats one day per week now (no time with all the mileage I’m logging), I’ve just setted into a 5×20/40/40 combo (the 20 being the push-ups, of course). Good luck in your own efforts to polish off the program.

  • Dominic Lahar

    Update on 100 pushups: I added two protein shakes and 3-5 egg whites per day to the mix and finally broke through the wall, just finishing week 5. My week 5 day 3 was 204 pushups: 22,22,24,24,20,20,22,50. 

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    Thanks for the update – I hadn’t thought about that approach. Good luck on pushing through (pun intended) to the finish!

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  • mirkorosco

     100 consecutive push ups

  • Jim McGowan

    Did you ever make it past week 4.   I started at initial test of 52  started week. Just finished week 6 day1 category 3 on the 3rd attempt.  Taking full advantage of the 60 sec or LONGER between sets.   Drink coffee before hand and try to get really angry.  

  • http://predawnrunner.com Greg Strosaker

    Hi Jim, I think I nudged into week 5 once, but never made it beyond day 1. I haven’t done the program in a while, but when I do take it up again, your advice sounds like the best I’ve heard on breaking through the barrier!

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